Alexis Faust also known as Alexis Briege is a 25 year old young woman who was born and raised in Mesquite, Texas. 12 years ago Alexis and her family moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana; where she still lives with her Husband, Jakk Faust along with their 3 children.

All her life Alexis has been on stages; plays, choir, church, talent shows, she was born to be a performer! Growing up she had dreams that one day she would either have a family or actually be performing on stages performing original songs. Now, Alexis is now living out both of those dreams.

A huge artists that inspired Alexis to fulfill her dream was Amy Lee from Evanescence. How she was different, her music wasn’t like normal rock songs, Amy Lee had a very haunting sound that fit her songs perfectly. As Alexis has a more darker style with interest to more slower but rocker style music with meaningful lyrics. It’s always caught Alexis attention, especially at a young age As of right now you can find Alexis in two songs as a feature on YouTube: Jakk Faust ft. Alexis Briege-Me Big Po ft. Alexis Briege-Problems Currently Alexis is working on her solo album. In the meantime she is covering songs on Facebook.